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Green, clean, and cost-effective refrigerated trucks for logistics

Logistics nowadays is conductive and very innovative. The culture of innovation in logistics has helped in fostering the advancement in transport technology which has now lead to the development of refrigerated trucks. These trucks are been used for transporting goods which require the temperature in the range of -15 to -25 degree C. Refrigerated trucks are an economical and green alternative to the reefer which are been considered as the secondary transport services. It will not require any fuel o energy to refrigerate by cold are been stored in the euthetic plates which are placed in the insulated body. RPUF insulation are also been provided for the resistance to the heat transfer. The GRP sheets which are vacuum-bonded will ensure the low weight which will increase the capacity of the net payload. This will also result in effective merchandising of the product in the area. The nonexistence of moving parts in the operation will ensure green, quiet, and cost effective transport which can add carbon credit.

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Features of Refrigerated Trucks

  • Eutective plates will provide the necessary cooling
  • No requirement of fuel and energy for refrigeration during transport
  • Use of side service doors and roll container system
  • Temperature is easily maintained for 12 hrs approx
  • GRP sheets are bonded for insulation
  • Rigid polyurethane foam which is been used for insulation of the body


  • When the refrigeration system is in operation, no moving parts
  • Economical for transportation due to savings on energy, fuel, and labor
  • Easy unloading of products due to the presence of roll containers from side service doors
  • GRP sheets will ensure the low weight due to effective area for merchandising and high payload capacity
  • RPUF will ensure the thermal insulation having conductivity as low as 0.022 W/M-K