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Essential information on Freight forwarding

Freight forwarders specialise in a specific type of cargo. There are some who deal with all kinds too. However, to find someone who specializes in the type of cargo you want to ship will make your work easier. The Sentral Cargo terdekat gets shipping done in the most cost effective and timely manner. This article will give you a comprehensive insight on the most essential information that you need to be armed with in order to get into freight forwarding.

Stages of freight forwarding

There are six key stages of freight forwarding. Knowing these stages will help us understand how freight forwarding works.

Here is an insight into the list.

  • Export customs clearance.
  • Export Haulage.
  • Origin Handling.
  • Import customs clearance.
  • Destination Handling.
  • Import Haulage.

Let us understand what each of these factors mean.

Exports customs clearance  

The goods clear customs to leave its country of origin. 

Export Haulage 

The transfer of goods from the original source to the warehouse.

Origin Handling 

The uploading, inspection and validation of the goods is termed as origin handling.

Import customs clearance 

The paperwork for shipping of the goods is checked at this stage.

Destination Handling 

The handling of cargo once it reaches its destination. This also includes transfer of goods to import warehouses.

Import Haulage 

This is the final stage where the goods are transferred from the import warehouse to its ultimate destination.

Now that we know what stages our goods have to go through to reach the destination. Let us also look at the kind of paperwork we must expect from the freight company. Here is the list.

  • Commercial invoice.
  • The contract bill.
  • Certificate of origin.
  • Inspection certificate.
  • Export license.
  • Export packing list.
  • Shipper’s export declaration.

When dealing with the freight company, make sure this documentation is in place so that the shipping of your goods becomes smooth and hassle free.