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Telugu Movies We Can Watch For Free Anywhere

If you are travelling somewhere and want to watch movies at your convenience, it is best to download the AHA app. It offers you a wide variety of Telugu web series, and you can watch movies online, anywhere and anytime. However, if you want suggestions related to some movies that you can watch at any time of the day, you should go forward with this popular Telugu film Thikka. 

Thikka is a Telugu action comedy directed by Sunil Reddy and became one of the blockbuster films of 2016. Dr Robin Reddy produced this film with the help of Sri Venkateswara Movie Makers. Lakshmi Bhopal wrote the story of the film, and HarshaVardhan wrote the dialogues. This film features actors like Sai DharamTej as Aditya, Larissa Bonesi as Anjali, and Mannara Chopra’s Virisha in the leading roles.

There were many other supporting actors in the film like Rajendra Prasad as Manohar, Ajay as Sadhu Bhai, Ali as Kapoor, Vennela Kishore as Jayanth, Posani Krishna Murali as Inspector Hyman and, Raghu Babu as Narasimha, VJ Bani as Kamala, Satya and Stephen, PrabhasSreeni as Madan Mohan’s henchman, Anand as Madan Mohan, and HarshaVardhan as a mental doctor. The music in the film was quite hit. There were many item songs, and S. Thaman composed the music, so if you want to watch movies online like Thikka, you will enjoy all these actors’ performances and the best peppy music in the Telugu industry.

The film is about Aditya, a bachelor with various bad habits and is not serious about life. He spends his whole day boozing and chatting with friends or scrolling around the entire city. However, when he meets a beautiful girl called Anjali, he falls head over heels in love with this girl and his entire life changes. He wants to become someone about whom Anjali would be proud, so once they get into a relationship, Aditya changes himself. He gets rid of all his addictions and bad habits one by one, and he also decides to take life seriously.

However, there are some complications between the couple, and they decide to break off while quarrelling over a small matter. This infuriates Anjali, and she decides to listen to her father, Madan Mohan, a big figure in the business. Her father wants to get her married to a wealthy man’s son named Jayanth. Meanwhile, Aditya faces issues with his workplace, and he falls into a trap where he cheats on his childhood friend Stephen. Many incidents start happening in the second phase of the film, and one by one, Aditya comes across various people. The film’s ending is worthwhile because the viewers see to what extent Aditya goes to win his love.

You should watch this film if you are willing to watch Telugu movies online that are extremely thrilling and full of entertainment. You can subscribe to AHA and watch the best films like Thikka.