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One of the Telugu Movies on aha Right Now (January 2021)

Don’t you love watching movies? Oh, everyone does! Have you ever watched a Tollywood movie? If not, then you should watch it now without any further delay. Telugu Industry is overgrowing, nowadays. Over time we can see how people are fascinated by Telugu movies. It is because of the content and feels it provides to the people. Telugu movies always come up with different content. With the emergence of Telugu movies in the country, a new wave has made us watch the range of new and exciting Telugu films. Today, the creator does not shy away from thinking and creating great content, which helps the audience understand the depth of cinema and enjoy it simultaneously. It holds every content, ranging from action, love, romance, comedy, crimes, and many more. Telugu industries provide us with HD shows, movies, and web series. Telugu movies are streamed in various applications, such as Aha. Aha, allow us to stream full new telugu shows, movies, and even web series. It would be best if you watched this January 2021 blockbuster movie, “Mail,” right now on the Aha application.

Mail is a cute drama directed beautifully by UdayGurrala. The story is set in the early 2000s when small towns also started knowing what a computer is. Mail is the first chapter of the KambalapallyKathalu series. Hybath (Priyadarshi) is a young photographer who brings a laptop to his village and attracts young people. Ravi (Harshithreddy) is the most curious about the computer. He creates a mail-id, and on one good day, he receives a fake email that you have won a total of 2 crores from asthe lottery. How does Ravi’s life change after this email is the whole film about?

The story of the film is exciting and well-planned in the small town of Telangana. Worldly characters, youthful virtues, and how people in small towns view challenges are well illustrated. Harishith Reddy, who plays the lead role, did well in the film. He acts naturally in a confused youth, and the way a young character shows the excitement, fear, and passion for learning is reasonable to watch. All in all, Mail is a beautiful drama, with some honesty and an exciting storyline. The purity of the youth in small towns, the humor of the class, and the climax are good assets.

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