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Questions to ask handymen

Never employ a handyman without administering a short meeting to conclude if he is the individual you want. Begin by writing down the details of the project or a list of the tasks you want them to complete. This way, you have all the information to get an idea of ​​how much the handyman will cost per hour or job done and what kind of materials are needed handyman in Wheaton.


You should be alarmed, in particular, by a recent sentence of the Supreme Court which convicted the landlord of manslaughter for the death of a plumber who was electrocuted while repairing the autoclave. The man, in fact, even though he was an appreciated electrician, lacked the technical-professional requirements.

Housework cannot be entrusted to an unqualified technician

The principle affirmed by the Court is therefore very strict: in the event of an accident at work, it is the landlord who pays the consequences if he has not made use of a qualified technician. That is, it must have at least one of the five requirements set by the Ministerial Decree regarding the installation of internal systems including a degree in technical subjects obtained in a university, a higher technical diploma, also obtained at the end of secondary school, a certificate of professional training , a former job employed by a qualified company.

No improvised workers

In short, the lesson is clear enough:  no improvised workers . The legislation requires plant engineers to possess certified requirements, whether acquired at school, with professional training or in the field, employed by qualified companies in the sector.

Small and urgent jobs

Often, in the management of household chores, we are faced with the need to carry out small simple chores for which, due to lack of time or because we do not always have the necessary equipment, it becomes difficult for us to intervene. Among the examples that we could do, there would be infinite, we can remember the fixing of the shelves, the assembly of a chandelier or the assembly of the new kitchen and the consequent connection of the hob and the sink drains.

Well, reality teaches us that many of us, if they could, would get help from “someone” capable of intervening quickly and economically.