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large voice and sources for the user, he was able to enter the mainstream and thrive in his profession.

Gain Help through technology

According to the US Census. In a 2006 study by the United States District of People with Disabilities and Employment, the proportion of people with disabilities (aged 16 to 64 years) who worked in Volusia County increased from 34.7% to 40%. Although it is encouraging, it is far away. When we look at this indicator, we must analyze the number of people with disabilities and poverty who are adults (21 to 64 years old) with disabilities and below the poverty level per 1000 people. However, this indicator increased from 180.6 to 247.5.

As noted in the report, “the presence of special needs can sometimes contribute to economic problems and barriers to competitive employment.”

In accordance with Section 508 of the United States Electronic and Information Technology Act, “any organization that has an agreement with the federal government must ensure that its website and electronic data are accessible to the public. affordable way for people with disabilities. “However, only about 20% of all major commercial websites implement this Tech.

The main problems arise in these areas:

Navigation: here we must consider the loading of pages and images, as well as the fact that people with visual impairments in most cases do not have traditional pointing devices.

Visual content: some pages depend on the color of information that blind users cannot access.

Data entry: there are times when the user must interact. How this can be a problem without using a pointer or mouse.

The main problems arise in these areas:

Technology can help them with disabilities. This brings me to the story.

It was difficult for a professional woman to keep up with technological work because she was legally blind. She could not read the computer screen. Using a program called JAWS, which allows a very large voice and sources for the user, he was able to enter the mainstream and thrive in his profession.

I work mainly with visually impaired and blind, but also with other disorders. I want to share a few more stories in different categories of the technology sector, where life has changed dramatically. All names have been kept confidential.

The woman could not work due to vision problems. He had an impulse and determination, but still had barriers. Thanks to the training and use of spoken recording, it is now used for a fee.

Many employers do not know that the turnover rate of people with disabilities is very low. There are also tax incentives, and the average cost of changing existing working conditions is less than $ 500.

Then there are stories of every day. A mother who can now read with her children with the help of a reader. Then there is a man who could not read the newspaper for many years and so much wanted. Now you can do it with a video surveillance system, and you are very satisfied.

These stories show us how technology is changing the lives of people with visual impairments.