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Thriller Movies For Telugu People

Thriller Movies For Telugu People

Vadhaladu is one of the most focused thriller movies in Telugu directed by Sai Sekhar. It is a mixture of romantic love story and a thrilling ghost story. This film points out the major social issues people go through without their knowledge of civilization. Hero in this film is the food inspector who couldn’t bear any flaws in any restaurants or mistakes are done, how such a personality will take upon the results of their actions is what glues you to your seats.

Cast & Crew:

Actor: Siddarth

Actress: Catherine

Other actors: KabirDuhansingh, GayathriRaghuram, Stunt Silva, Madhusudhan Rao, Sathyaraj

Director: Sai Sekhar

Producer:  R. Soundarya, DeepaIyer

Writer: Sai Sekhar

Cinematography: N.K. Ekambaram

Music Director: S.Thaman

More Information:

Runtime: 2 hours 12 minutes

Released: 11 October 2019

Genre: Thriller, Horror


Jagannathan, a food safety officer who has a super sense of smell. He couldn’t bear the lack of sanitation and food safety that is maintained in the restaurants, going on raiding and closing some of the most locally famous hotels and restaurants. At the same time, he finds the love of his life, She is anemic and a highschool teacher. Her past is literally guiding her present. She is inferior and Jagannathan helps her overcome. But he earns a lot of enemies in his work life after banning a lot of food hotels, the mafia targets Jagannathan alone and kills him. Then the real story begins, Jagannathan turns into a ghost and possesses his girlfriend to avenge his own death. His pursuit is decided, his destiny is written and what he does after possessing his girlfriend’s body is the thrill of the film.

Artist’s Performance:

– Siddarth as one of the leading actors in Tollywood really took his capabilities out. His acting is really mature.

– Catherine Tresa acted really cute in this film. She is so beautifully shown and her character is adorable and appealing.

– All the other actors and villains in this film have given their best shot. Their acting and dialogue delivery tricks are appreciable.

Technical Aspects:

– Direction and screenplay of the film is up to the marks. Director has done a great job in putting his imagination into reality.

– Music and songs have great feels to it. Most of their personal emotions are expressed in the lyrics of this movie song.

– Cinematography and graphics departments have been a great asset. Their works are perfectly done.

– Creative director has shown his creativity in terms of setting up the scenes. Seems original.

Reasons to watch this film:

– The real sanitary problems in India are shown in this film. They are true in a lot of unsanitary places in India and having a food officer like Jagannathan would be a great asset to the government.

– Most of the scenes and short stories shown in the work-life of Jagannathan are probably relatable to the real stories we see in our everyday life.

– This film also came with a social message and one of the best thriller movies to experience.

This is one of the best thriller movies for our Telugu people and you can watch Vadhaladu movie online on Aha.