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Shipping Service

More Facts About Shipping Services

If you have more than one parcel shipped at once, it’s essential to find out how many different countries they will deliver to. You don’t want two parcels arriving at the exact location if they are both destined for different countries. If this is not explained clearly, or you notice that the shipping price keeps changing to one destination even though it has been quoted as being sent as two separate parcels, then this may be a sign that they are not shipping two separate packages.

This article will show you how to determine if ongkos kirim lion parcel service is trustworthy and trace their shipping routes so you can make an informed decision before placing an order.

GPS information is crucial in finding out where your parcels are going and which company is responsible for their delivery. It’s essential to find out which parcel shipping companies use GPS for logging each position of the packages during transit. If a service provider does not show GPS on their site, this could be a sign that they are not using it, or maybe they have rigged the system such that it only shows some of the positions on the tracking map, not all.

Shipping Service

Shipping carriers ensure that all the correct information is included with your parcel on delivery. The following should be included:

The name and address of the package recipient (usually, this is a specific person or business). The receiver can check with their local post office or Customs to ensure that no other package is being delivered to them in place of this one. A tracking number so that the receiver knows when to expect the package. This confirms that you’ve received it and when it’s likely to arrive at its destination. The weight and dimensions. You need to know these if your carrier refuses delivery because they think there’s an issue regarding their duty of care obligations. The maximum value for Duty-Free Parcels. This is a specific sum of money, determined by local Customs laws, which are the responsibility of the sender to pay. The correct information shows them that you have paid this fee and will allow the package to be delivered without delay.

Suppose this information is not included or is written incorrectly or illegibly. In that case, your parcel will most likely be held at a post office or Customs office until it can be delivered correctly. This could take longer than expected or even cause additional fees depending on how long they hold it. It’s also possible that they may accidentally deliver it to the wrong place if they cannot read the information correctly (this has happened before).