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What are the Features Available in Vidmate

It is among the best programs for downloading videos. It is compact and takes up very little room on your smartphone. The user gets to download any video of their choice from the internet from various sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and more. It gets using cutting-edge technology, which increases the maximum speed of the internet when you make Get Vidmate apk here. Everyone in the attending period prefers it because it is one of the best tools available. Video sharing is possible between platforms. The following are some of its unique features:

Watch HD-quality live television:

The Vidmate app enables lightning-fast video downloads, but it also gives you access to over 200 live TV channels, including movies, music, entertainment, fashion, news, sports, and various other media. Your favorite HD television shows can get streamed live through Vidmate download.

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Any format of video can get downloaded:

You can watch movies and other media on your phone, tablet, or computer by downloading them using the VidMate app. Anyone with a PC or Android smartphone can download videos in various formats with the VidMate app.

The VidMate is compatible with vast well-liked video file types, including ASF, RM, MP4, WMV, 3GP, and many more. You may watch movies that are too long to stream offline, listen to your favorite music in MP3 format, and check the most recent news.


You can download videos from reputable websites to keep your mobile device safe. Your device gets protected from malicious websites that can damage it. To watch your videos privately and prevent unauthorized access, it also enables you to password-protect them.

Better Resolution Support: Download Videos in HD Quality:

More than watching movies on TV, we like to watch them in a theatre or on the moving picture corridor. Why? It makes sense because we love widescreen and HD quality. It’s always entertaining and amazing to see HD-quality videos. Effectively, we can view more enjoyable places. All things getting considered -Android devices are only for watching videos with a resolution of up to 720p.